New features in Hulu

As we have mentioned before that the developers of this application megabox hd are working really hard in order to make this application the best for moves as well as for TV shows. So, they provide updates of the application. In these updates the new and recent features are included for the users. In this way, al the users of the application get the fresh features which makes the application even more interesting as well as easy to use.

So, now we are going to shed some light on the recent updates and features of Hulu app.

First of all, the developers of this application are working continuously in order to eliminate all the glitches and bugs form the app. Secondly, the developers of Hulu app have been working on the performance of the application. They are trying to give their users an excellent application with amazing as well as handy features.

These updates are available in the recent versions of the app. The users are advised to download the latest versions in order to get the best app.

Yidio app’s features

Yidio app has a right-right side navigation that can cinema box be used to browse the TV shows and movies according to the genre like family movie night or classic or to search by the sources like HBO Go or Netflix. The app also can be used like a management tool which allows the user to add or to remove and to browse the items at once using the instant queue or to view the recommendation on the Netflix.

The user can also share, mark the watched movies or to add them on the favorite. The app is available on the iPad and on the iPhone. The app can be used as a standalone on the small device or it can be used like a remote when the information is projected to the big screen. For the users who want to enjoy more what the app has to offer, they can go for the premium options.

Magisto: Magical Video Editor App’s features

Magisto: Magical Video Editor App has the following features

* You can use it to share the video on WhatsApp, YouTube, and email, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can make the viva video videos that are developed specially for Instagram.
* The app is available 24/7 and it can transform the videos and the pictures in the music video masterpiece. The app creates the sensational video clips through using the photos
* You can upload the videos and the photos on the gallery and you can use the Magisto app to be the smart camera and you can add the music to the video from the device and this will turn any movie into the amazing music videos.
* You can choose the movie editor style and you can let the Magisto to apply the automatic video stabilization, video filters, Facial recognition and the smooth transition among others.
* The editing style which you choose is the roadmap behind the video editing.

Air droid alternatives

Air droid application is the application that can help you to share the files and also help you to backup the files zapya on the online cloud. The application works perfectly fine on different operating system and you can download the application on all the latest mobiles phones. It offers you a lot of features. If you are unable to find the latest version of the air droid and or if you want another program to cater you needs, then you should download these alternatives.

Fast file manager is the application that can help you to transfer files from one device to another. It can transfer all types of files such as audio and video files. The application is free to use and it will always be free to use. So, with just a single application you can transfer files and make a backup of these files at the same. Apart from this, you can also download 4 share file transfer.

App Sara latest versions

App Sara application has been around from a long time and it has been helping the user lucky patcher to play the games and use applicators in a better way. The application can help you in app purchases and you will not have to spend a single dime on the paid applications.

The application is regularly updated so that the virus database is also updated. With regular updated, you device will be saved from the viruses and you will also stay anonymous as well. You only need to meet the minimum requirement of the application. You need to have the android version of 2.2 or more in the device to run the application and you need a free space of 13 Mb in the device and the device will run perfectly on the system. The application will help you to play the game and use the apps in a better way so you should install this application in your device as soon as possible.

How to download videos using badoink

Video downloading using badoink video downloader is very simple and easy. Here are the simple steps of downloading the videos ogyoutube in your device. After installing the software in the device, you need to open it.

The software will be automatically integrated in the default browser in the system and you will see the option of downloading the video from the browser using badoink. When you click the download button, you will see the default directory popped up and you need to click save to download the video there. The default video directory can also be changed from the in-app setting menu.

The best thing about this software is that the default directory will be automatically locked and you can only access it if you know the passcode. Apart from this, you can also copy the link of the video to the software and the video will be automatically downloaded in the system.

Video Player versions

The Video Player application has two versions for the users. One is the freemium version and the videoder other is the premium version. Anyone can use the freemium version as it is free of cost. But the main problem of the freemium app is the advertisement.

There are pop up ads in this version of the application. But the time when you switch to the premium version you can use it more easily with no ads.

* Switch to premium

The payment mode is simple and can be done through the gateway of PayPal. Once the user of the app makes the payment, he can upgrade the freemium application to the premium mode. There is no need to install it again and the same user id can be used to upgrade it to the premium version.